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AutoWeb Ads® are powered by sophisticated
algorithms and real-time data systems aimed to
serve the most relevant and optimized ads to your
customers, in turn delivering you with the best
online performance.

AutoWeb ensures your online traffic is
monetized as efficiently as possible so you can
concentrate more on what you do best.

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Why publish AutoWeb Ads®?

Access top-tier advertisers though one strategic partnership

More advertisers means:

  • More competition for your ad spaces
  • More relevant ads
  • Higher CTR, eCPM, and revenue

Simplified A/B testing

Let us manage and optimize your campaigns to
increase engagement, whether that means an increase
in clicks to your dealer websites, more calls and visits,
or whatever your goals may be. Letting us power your
dealer directory listings ensures every change produces
positive results.

Custom solutions & products

AutoWeb offers custom tailored solutions to meet each
partners' unique needs. Continuous innovation and
utilization of the lastest technology ensures our partners
have access to the newest products offering
aggressive online monetization.

Advanced ranking algorithms

Our advanced ranking algorithm takes into account the
effective CPM generated by your traffic for each
advertiser. Ads are then reordered based on
performance to ensure the highest effective CPMs are
maximizing your PPC listing positions, generating the
highest CTR, eCPM and revenue possible.

Reporting tools

AutoWeb’s reports are easily customizable. Our
reporting interface provides a flexible platform in
real-time to suit specific business needs and
specifications, including performance visuals to help
make data analysis quick and easy.

Mobile interface

AutoWeb Ads® provides a dedicated interface
optimized for mobile devices allowing quick access to
your account. Easily check earnings, get important
alerts and view reports right from your phone.


AutoWeb Ads® lets you earn revenue by showing relevant ads on a wide variety of online content.

AutoWeb Ads® for content

AutoWeb Ads® is a flexible, hassle-free way to earn
revenue by showing relevant and engaging ads
alongside your online content.


  • Revenue from all your content – Our robust targeting
    ensures ads are relevant to your content and users,
    helping you earn the most money possible.
  • Controls – You have control over the types of ads that
    can appear on your pages and where you want to
    show them. You can also block ads that may not be
    right for your readers, or customize ads to better fit
    with your content.
  • Insights and metrics – Detailed reporting shows just
    how hard your site is working for you. Understand
    what's effective and what better opportunities exist to
    further optimize your site's profitability.

AutoWeb Ads® for search

If your automotive site has search functionality,
try our Custom Search Engine product.
This allows for targeted ads to display alongside
matching search results ranging from vehicle make,
model, category and segment, to local and regional


  • Custom search – Allow your users to search the
    content across your site, customize the look and feel
    of results, earn revenue from ads that display
    alongside search results.
  • Custom search ads – Deliver ads from
    search-focused advertisers, targeted directly to your
    users' queries. Offered with a wide range of
    customization to ensure our advertisers' ads fit your
    search results.

AutoWeb Ads® for mobile content

Show targeted, mobile-specific ads to your users from
AutoWeb's broad base of advertisers.


  • Robust targeting – Ensures ads are relevant to your
    mobile content and audience.
  • Mobile-specific formats – Optimized for smaller
    screen sizes.

AutoWeb Ads® for apps

If you're an app developer, AutoWeb Ads® enables you to
monetize your traffic across mobile platforms with
real-time reporting to monitor performance.


  • Robust ad filters – More control so you can refine
    which ads appear in your apps, increase relevancy,
    and protect your brand.
  • Maximize earnings – Show highly targeted ads from
    top-tiered advertisers in the automotive industry to
    increase revenue.
  • Local payments – No more conversion calculators
    required. Get paid in your own currency.
  • Intelligent reports – Go beyond just knowing your
    average eCPM and fill rate. View reports that help you
    identify new opportunities to grow your earnings.

How does your site get results with AutoWeb Ads®?

1. Choose where to place
your ad

Easily insert ad code onto your site
and choose where the ads should
appear. It's as easy as that.

2. Only the highest paying
ads appear on your site

Real-time bidding by advertisers
always ensures the highest value
placement display on your site. It's as
simple as that.

3. Generate income

We take the hassle out of the billing
process by managing it for you.

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